Kitchen Appliances

Providing a slightly more luxurious time than usual.

Hybrid Toaster Oven

Make delicious dishes quickly with instant
heating generated in 0.2 seconds and hot air circulation.

Non-Fry Oven

In addition to healthy convection cooking that makes deep-fried foods without using oil, make exquisite toast that has a crispy outside crust and fluffy insides.
Great for not only authentic oven cooking, but for making sweets as well.

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Coffee Maker

Their compact, stylish designs allow you to place them in the kitchen or the living room, or anywhere you like.
Enjoy simple, genuine coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Other coffee makers

Bread Maker

Enjoy easy homemade bread with siroca’s bread maker.
Be filled with the joy of waking up to the aroma of delicious, freshly-baked bread.

Other bread makers

Bread Mix/Cookware

Delicious, quick and easy bread at any time.

Other bread mixes/cookware

Microcomputer Electric Pressure Cooker

Simply put in the ingredients and press a button.
Make tasty dishes quickly and flawlessly with the help of electric pressure cookers, that reduce cooking time and can be left unattended.

Slow Juicer

Easily make popular cold-pressed juice at home.

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Your daily cooking may change enough to surprise you.

Other mixers/blenders

Electric Kettle

Electric kettles that quickly boil water whenever needed. Easy-to-use compact size.

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