The more you know, the more convenient cooking will be! Waterless cooking with the Electric Pressure Cooker

Waterless cooking can be done with the Electric Pressure Cooker. Dishes are cooked only with the moisture contained in the ingredients, making them full of flavor and nutrients. Aside from waterless cooking, the electric pressure cooker can also perform various types of cooking such as pressure cooking (stewed dishes), slow cooking, and steaming, truly making it a household all-purpose pressure cooker.

[Waterless] Vegetable curry

Curry without using water. Despite being a slightly unexpected dish, it is packed with the flavor of vegetables that is just too good to quit.


Things to prepare: Electric Pressure Cooker

  • <Ingredients>
    Chicken thigh meat: 200 g
    (A) Ripe tomatoes: 2
    (A) Onion: 1
    (A) Carrot: 1
    (A) Celery: 1
    Bay leaf: 1
    Curry roux: 60 g
  1. Cut the chicken thigh meat into large bite-sized chunks. Mince the (A) ingredients.
  2. Finely chop the curry roux.
  3. Put the vegetables, chicken thigh meat, and bay leaf into the inner pot in that order, set it into the main unit, and close the lid. Press the menu button to select “Meat” and press the start button.
  4. When pressurizing ends and the pressure indication pin drops down, press the off/warm button, open the lid, and remove the bay leaf.
  5. Put in the curry roux, press the desired button without closing the lid, and then press the start button. Mix the curry roux until it melts, and the dish will be finished when it thickens.
    *Press the off/warm button to stop heating. Be careful of splattering curry.
    *Make sure you don’t close the lid when you put in the curry roux.

Just one push of a button! Pressure cooking without having to keep watch.

Make meat and even whole fish soft. The great thing about the electric pressure cooker is you can leave it unattended, so with on push of a button you can spend time on other chores or hobbies. Make delicious dishes without standing around in the kitchen.

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