Excellent as a gift for hosts!
Four handmade sweets that are excellent as presents

You’re invited as a house guest and you don’t want to go empty-handed, but the relationship isn’t formal enough to bring a box of cakes...
How about handmade sweets for the occasion? Easily make handmade sweets that are perfect as presents with the Bread Maker and you can create a genuine taste with the Non-Fry Oven.

Make pound cake just by putting ingredients into the bread maker

Normally. many tools such as a bowl and whisk are used when making cake, so washing dishes afterward is quite a chore. With the bread maker, there are less dishes to wash and it is very easy to use because you can just leave it alone after putting in the ingredients. Let it handle cheesecakes that practically melt in your mouth, pound cake-like butter cakes, and chocolate cakes.

Foolproof hot cake mix! Soft, scrumptious raisin muffins

Make delicious raisin muffins with hot cake mix using only a few ingredients. Perfect as a wrapped gift. It’s also tasty if you use chocolate chips instead of raisins.

Gorgeous finish even with simple wrapping. Moist pound cake

A moist, quality pound cake that contains tons of dried fruits. The tightly packed dry fruits create a rich flavor. You’re free to make your own variations, such as replacing dry fruits with tea bag leaves for a cake with a slight aroma of tea, or matcha leaves for a matcha cake.

Looks genuine and is actually easy to make! Gorgeous apple pie loaded with apples

Make an apple pie with the non-fry oven. Uses a pie sheet so preparation is surprisingly quick. Delicious hot or cold. Serve a hot slice with some ice cream and mint for a genuine cafe feel.